I’m Marky Anderson, a diehard music fan to the core.

Welcome to Static Sounds Club

Static Sounds Club is a music blog written from the West Coast of Scotland. This blog is a place for me to champion the music that I’m passionate about. You’ll find no criticism here, only enthusiasm and encouragement for really great bands and artists.

Anything and everything goes here.


If you represent, or are an artist who would like me to listen to your music with a view to writing about it, please email me your press pack over to the email address under the photo.

I haven’t got a press pack, what do I send you?

No press pack, no problems! Here’s what I need to publish an article.

1/ A brief bio about who you are.

2/ Photos – Band/artist and cover art.

3/ Music – Static Sounds Club is anti streaming so when sending music please send physical media/ Mp3 links / downloads.

4/ Social Media links for your band including YouTube, Bandcamp etc.

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