Ten Million Lights – Myanmar

Bursting out the speakers comes Ten Million Lights with the first track from their upcoming Shine So Bright EP release. “Myanmar” is an absolute classic in the making.

Hailing from Portland, Oregon these shoegazers have a penchant for catchy hooks and imaginative lyrics. If you like your gaze on the heavy side, you’ll love what Ten Million Lights are doing here. Driving bass and drums support a fuzzy, grungy riff fuelled assault on your senses. Lyrically we are off to outer space, through a black hole to seek assistance from the reptilian people.   Any band that can fit the line “Praying mantis come and save us reptilian son” into a song deserves our undying admiration.

Static Sounds Club has had a sneak peek of the upcoming Shine So Bright EP and I am pleased to report you are in for an absolute treat when it is released on Friday October 2nd.

“Myanmar” is out now via the bands Bandcamp page.

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