trillion – Move To You EP

When life hands you lemons what do you do. That’s a question bands all over the world were asking when the spectre of Covid-19 reared its ugly head. Australian gazers trillion were no different.

Like many other parts of the world, trillion’s members had been under lock down. But the drive to make music remained strong. trillion’s members wrote and recorded their parts for each of the five songs on their new Move to You EP, separately, at home.

The EP kicks off with the 100-mph sonic assault of ‘Soft’. This track is instant. You are immediately hooked in with the harmonised vocals and the fierce battle between the frenetic drums and the riffs……..oh the riffs!! This is a track I’ll still be listening to in a years’ time and it will still feel as fresh. Check out the video below and see what I mean.

‘Out of Your Mind’ follows. This is a denser affair with squalls of feedback layered guitar over a squelchy wah lead. It’s a great blend of gaze and psyche. I got completely lost in this track, floating along on its ethereal vocal line and insistent bass.

‘Don’t Be Sorry’ is a fuzzed-out pop song hung around a cool guitar riff. The vocal interplay on the songs title is gorgeous and will have you going back in for another listen.

‘It’s All I Need’ feels almost discordant as it begins then the song emerges as the vocals kick in, making sense of the maelstrom. I really love how they handled that. Clever stuff.  The maelstrom is never far away though and it is used sparingly to add a real feel of menace and threat. This is a very accomplished piece of songwriting.

The EP comes to an, all too soon, ending with the barn storming ‘When it Comes to You’. This is gaze gold. The glide guitars on here are next level. As the song develops you get an idea of what this band are capable of. This is an intense listening experince. I mean that in good way. It demands you pay attention and soak up everything that’s going on.

As the band say themselves “While recorded in isolation, the resulting songs are anything but bleak. Each song presents how we work together to create crashing walls of sound that are at once densely layered whilst also artfully delicate and balanced.”

Trillion’s  ‘Move to You EP’ is available now on Bandcamp and other streaming services. Click here to choose your platform.

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