We Wander – Pouring Out

It’s always great when a band reaches out with a personal email full of detail. That always catches my eye and gets me intrigued.

This evening I received an email just like that from Maddy Little of the band We Wander. Hailing from Mississauga, Canada, the band have taken that folk sound we all know and love and amped it up with some indie vibes. Starting with just Maddy and her acoustic guitar, the band has since expanded their line-up to include Camilo Martinez on bass, drummer Jacob Rondeau and Christian Orozco on violin. With a good few singles under their belt already like ‘Bridges’ and the stunning ‘Can’t Save You’ the band are gearing up for the release of their latest track, ‘Pouring Out’.

The track opens on a solemn violin and lone strummed guitar. When Maddy comes in on vocals you take a sharp intake of breath. She really has the most beautiful voice. I love how the violin and Maddy seem to be singing to each other. The chorus is so uplifting and life affirming. The contrast between the more downbeat verse and soaring chorus is really effective.

This track also features really powerful drums and some neat mandolin dominating the higher register.

On their Facebook page the band say “Pouring Out is about being afraid to speak your mind. Being worried that you’ll say the wrong thing and everyone will hate you.” That comes across in the lyrics like, “It’s pouring out, all on the ground. These thoughts of mine keep making sound, and I can’t seem to tie them down. Don’t think out loud I know, I know.”

I really enjoyed this song and after checking out the bands YouTube channel I really love the previous songs they have released. There’s also a great live session on there too. While we await the new single, you can catch the video for ‘Can’t Save You’ below which will get you in the mood perfectly.

‘Pouring Out’ is out on 23rd of October and you can pre save the track here. Follow the band and find out more here.

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