PREMIERE – Fir Cone Children – Soaking In

Static Sounds Club is incredibly proud to be sharing the latest track from Fir Cone Children, ‘Soaking In’, for three reasons.

Firstly, Fir Cone Children have consistently produced albums of the highest quality, none more so than their last full-length release Fog Surrounds Us. Secondly, this track features my very dear friend and DKFM sister Krissy Vanderwoude on guest vocals and, last but not least, this is the first premiere to feature on Static Sounds Club. All these things together make me very excited to hear this new track.

Before I hit play, I asked Alexander Donat, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, what ‘Soaking In’ was about

Alex said “Leaving kindergarten and attending school is one of the major changes in life for everybody. In first grade my first daughter was soaking in everything that teachers told her (especially learning how to read and write), what books had to offer and what classmates were showing her. Also, she is a very social and kind person who instinctively knew how to handle stressful situations: “I say hello, I say good-bye, I know the proper way to avoid a fight, with a smile I enter, with a smile I leave, you are best friends to me”. It’s lovely to see how she gets along with people around her.”

I then asked him, on this song you once again collaborate with Krissy Vanderwoude of Whimsical and The Churchill Garden. Tell us a bit about how that came about?

“I am super happy that, even though she always has a tight schedule, Krissy Vanderwoude found the time to record vocals for two of the album’s twelve songs, ‘Gekko-19’ and this one, ‘Soaking In’. Since album number three, No Gravity Girls in 2017, her vocals have constantly been a part of every Fir Cone Children album. So far you can hear her on 13 songs spread across four albums. Krissy fits in so naturally that I consider her to be the secret second band member of FCC. I love how she adds vocal harmonies to the songs I send her, harmonies that I didn’t think of, so she really adds to the overall feeling. Hopefully, this partnership will keep on going.

So here it is folks. The world premiere of the new track from Fir Cone Children, ‘Soaking In’.

This is an incredibly catchy riff-based number. The discordant chorus is so addictive. I had said to Krissy this was so different to anything I’ve ever heard her do before. I’ve been trying to rack my brains why that is. I think it’s the harmony line she has chosen to follow that gives this song a unique flavour. Alex and Krissy sound fantastic when singing together and Alex makes the most of that here.

We need to talk about the riff. Like Pavement meets Urusei Yatsura pushed along by the rimshots on the drums, its utterly captivating. I love how the guitar moves around the vocal line. Never mimicking anything else on the track. The end section has a one two punch Bis would kill for. All in all, Fir Cone Children have come out swinging. Let us know what you think of the track in the comments below or on our social media.

Stay tuned to Static Sounds Club as I will be bringing you my track by track analysis of the new Fir Cone Children LP Waterslide at 7am later this week. Until then why not check out the bands amazing back catalogue on their Bandcamp page.

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