The Method One – A Life Obscene

Returning with their latest single is Greenock’s rock supremo’s The Method One. ‘A Life Obscene’ is the latest in a series of tracks the lads have been teasing us with ahead of a much-anticipated album release.

The band formed from the ashes of Glasgow outfit Dresden features Dave Mac (Vocals), Robert McGovern (Guitar), Gary Foley (Guitar), Dodge (Bass), and John McLelland (Drums). The sharper eyed among you will recognise Robert from his days playing alongside Primal Screams Jim Beattie in Spirea X.

The Method One are renowned for their incendiary live shows. It’s great that they pull no punches on record too.

True to form this song comes straight out the gate ten feet tall and taking no prisoners. All pounding drums and wall of sound guitars. The production is expansive bringing to mind the Morning Glory era of Oasis.

There is a nice contrast between some really ominous rhythm guitars and the chiming lead parts. The rumbling rhythm section is solid and, at times, steps front and centre.  I particularly love when that’s happening with the drums.

Singer, Dave Mac, glues it all together with his assured delivery. He is on top form in the latter half of the song especially, as it all comes to a climax.

Putting it all together you have a pretty special track. With an album in the pipeline it won’t be long before The Method One will be playing in arenas. You heard it here first!

‘A Life Obscene’ is out now on iTunes, Amazon music and Bandcamp.

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