The Churchill Garden – Fade Away

It only seems like minutes since I was writing here about the last single from The Churchill Garden, ‘Reality’. Now here we are with the latest track from the collective mind of Andy Jossi and Krissy Vanderwoude.

Where ‘Reality’ was a real mover. with their latest single, ‘Fade Away’, the pace is more sedate. This slower tempo really plays to both their strengths. Andy has an uncanny ability to convey emotion through the dynamics of his music. As the song progresses we rise and fall, start and stop all leading to a stunning crescendo at the climax of the song.

Krissy, as usual, is pulling her lyrics straight from her heart. Layering heavenly harmonies over a stunning lead vocal. This is the summery hit we all need right now in these cold winter months.

If you haven’t listened to any of The Churchill Gardens previous work I would highly recommend their Heart & Soul album. As well as being an exquisite collection of songs it’s also one of the most beautifully designed records I have in my collection.

‘Fade Away’ is available now, digitally on The Churchill Garden Bandcamp page.

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