PREMIERE – Go With Strangers – Further

Once again Static Sounds Club are proud to be bringing you another exclusive premiere.

Malaysian multi-instrumentalist Eugene San has created a new musical project called Go With Strangers. Determined to face his social anxiety head-on, and picking up the mic for the first time in his life. Go With Strangers marks Eugene’s first entire solo effort (self-produced, written, and recorded) in a full-band format.

What a lush affair it is too. A dense wall of sound laced with moments of that glide guitar we all love so much. A powerful rhythm section drives the song forward with real purpose. Meanwhile Eugene provides the gentlest vocal delivery, being both comforting and poignant. Fans of Nothing and Tennis System will find a lot to admire here.

The single is accompanied by stunning video which I am proud to be premiering on Static Sounds Club. I hope you enjoy it.

The single ‘Further’ is available from all usual streaming outlets now.

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