The Churchill Garden – Grounded

Friends of Static Sounds Club, The Churchill Garden return with their new single ‘Grounded’.

For those new to the band, The Churchill Garden are multi-instrumentalist Andy Jossi and singer / lyricist Krissy Vanderwoude. They create lush, vast soundscapes you can lose yourself in. If you are looking for a great starting point to explore their music, I can heartily recommend their stunning Heart & Soul album. As well as being a fine collection of songs it’s also one of the most sumptuous records I have in my collection.

Let’s talk about the single. ‘Grounded’ opens like a lost Stone Roses track before erupting into the trademark Jossi sound. Chiming guitars trade off against a fuzz driven bass and driving drums. Vanderwoude has a knack of telling a story in a song. Straight from the heart. I think a lot of us could identify with the daydreamer in the song.

There’s something really special about the musical relationship these two have. The bond between the instrumentation and lyrics is so life affirming and buoyant. Real sympatico in action. That for me is the core strength of the band and one they deliver on time and again.

‘Grounded’ is out on September 8th. Check out The Churchill Garden Bandcamp for the single and their back catalogue.

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