Ghost Patterns – Drone Jam / Howl

London based Ghost Patterns return after thrilling us with their stunning debut album Infinite. Not content with delivering one slab of sonic goodness they’re treating us to two singles. For those unfamiliar, Ghost Patterns are a four-piece psyche band who fold in elements of shoegaze and post punk to create their unique sound.

I was instantly smitten by Infinite and its fuzzy technicolour world. I’d draw your attention to tracks like ‘Oracle’ for its Banshees, epic scale delivery. Title track ‘Infinite’ also demands your attention with its hypnotic delivery. If you haven’t got it on your ‘to listen to’ list add it immediately.

It’s on the back of that amazing album that these two new tracks arrive. Let’s kick off with a listen to ‘Drone Jam’. A very literal title as we dive headlong into vortex of swirling guitars and pounding drums. This instrumental delivers new levels of intensity with each section. It certainly keeps the listener on their toes. By the closing section you are fully under their spell. ‘Drone Jam’ is psyche wig out that delivers in spades.

‘Howl’ on the other hand is a driven, vocal track with canyon size reverb and a riff ten feet tall. This band really do deal in widescreen aural treats. There is an early Cure, goth feel to the backing and delivery which when blended with their psyche sound makes for something all of their own.

There is lots to explore in their back catalogue so make sure you head over to their Bandcamp page to grab these singles and their album. If you happen to be in London on March 29, you can catch them live at the Shacklewell Arms in Hackney supporting the awesome Mayflower Madame.

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