Waves Crashing – high / low

This week I was on the hunt for some new tunes when into my inbox dropped Josh Calisti with news of the release of his band’s new maxi single. Hailing from Olympia, Washington Waves Crashing are a post wave / shoegaze quartet featuring the aforementioned Calisti (guitar, vocals), Bryce Albright (drums), Luke Ogden (bass, backing vocals) and Landon Young (lead guitar).

The band have released a number of singles over the last two years to much critical acclaim, my DKFM sister Krissy Vanderwoude has also played them on her show.  So, with that pedigree I just had to dive in.

The high / low maxi single kicks off with the title track. There’s a real Bossanova era Pixies vibe about this track. Off kilter chords with a gentle vocal performance exploding into sublime instrumental passages. It’s a great taster for what’s to come.

‘in my head’ comes in next on a powerful uppercut of an intro. Drums pound while guitars soar and fill your ears with the most stunning soundscapes. I particularly enjoyed the contrast between the chorus and verses.

The single concludes with a reworking of a track from 2020. ‘Capsized (reimagined)’ is a song painted on a big canvas, proper widescreen music. Built on a foundation of a purring fuzzed out guitar the song plays with some glorious textures. Glacial lead guitar, haunting backing vocals, pulsing bass and it all comes together beautifully.

The single high / low is available now over on the groups Bandcamp page. While you’re there check out their extensive back catalogue.

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