Perpetual Void – The White Room

Perpetual Void is a shoegaze/dream pop band creating ethereal, emotive soundscapes. Originating from Glasgow, Scotland, the band solely consists of Scottish songwriter and guitarist Graeme Gray. I first encountered Gray back in 2020 when he released his debut single now the lead track on this album. I remember being struck at the time by the ambition shown and was keen to hear more. Two years later here we are with his debut album The White Room. Let’s dive in and see what delights are in store.

As I said the album kicks off with his debut single “The Sea”. It’s a richly textured, reverb-soaked wash of bliss. The programmed drums, reminiscent of Cocteau Twins, sit behind the simply stunning guitars and Graeme’s impassioned vocals. Melancholic yet hopeful, sounds evoke pain and struggle while the lush reverberating guitar invites the listener inwards, leaving them with a sincere sense of optimism.

We next relax into ‘Dream’, aptly named as its warm, inviting soundscape evokes that moment of deep sleep where you dream your most vivid dreams. I would urge you to close your eyes to fully soak this one in.

The second single, ‘Trapped’, follows and brings some gorgeous chiming guitars to the mix. They punctuate Gray’s ambient vocals restlessly. At around the halfway mark we start to hear more layers of sound building to crescendo which crashes like waves on the shore and ebbs away.

‘Icicles’ is a true ambient piece, evoking a frozen landscape, jagged and unforgiving. You can almost feel the wind on your face. Gray is a master at creating moods and pictures using his music.

Speaking of which ‘Everyway’ whilst starting sombre and quiet soon blossoms into this joyous noise. I just got lost in this track and I found myself skipping back and listening a few times to its hypnotic charms.  

‘Climb’ taps into that Slowdive, atmospheric sound. Expansive guitars play off a steady and steadfast drum beat before evolving into the soundtrack for your favourite sci fi movie. The transition is fleeting and we return to the peaceful sound of the intro again. Just a beautiful track.

‘Awaken’ arrives with its joyful sunrise. The guitars feel like the warmth of the sun’s rays on your face. The first rays as you pull back the curtains on a summer’s morning. Gray taps into your imaginations at every turn leaving you with a smile a mile wide.

The wonderfully titled ‘Cloud Paddling’ is the sound of the air. Light and ever moving the track carries us high into the heavens to live among the clouds, if only for a few minutes. This is the very definition of ethereal.

The next track is titled with my favourite word. ‘Hope’ is a warmly subtle tone poem. As it chords slowly cycle Gray introduces more and more heavenly textures. He never loses that relaxing dreamlike quality, just enough to delight your ears.

The album closes out on the epic ‘FND’. Clocking in at nearly ten minutes it’s an adventurous composition, unnerving at times and comforting at others. Surrendering to the journey is the only way. Enjoy its many surprises, twists and turns. What a gloriously heady way to end this collection of ambient odysseys.

If you are looking for music to calm your soul and lift your spirits look no further. In The White Room Perpetual Void have created another world. A world where you are safe and alone but never lonely. A place where you can be yourself and explore your own mind. Gray seems to accomplish this with consummate ease, so what are you waiting for. The White Room is waiting, the doors open.

Head on over to Bandcamp to grab your copy of the album now.

You can follow Perpetual Void here…

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