Mark Peters – Switch On The Sky

After the recent reissue of Engineers early releases, I was over the moon to hear that Mark Peters was releasing a new album called Red Sunset Dreams on Sonic Cathedral. I absolutely loved his last solo outing, Innerland, so I was excited to hear what he had in store for us.

“Red Sunset Dreams’ is another album about an imaginary landscape. ‘Innerland’ was inspired by a move back to my hometown of Wigan and the memories it stirred up, but ‘Red Sunset Dreams’ looks out across the Atlantic, inspired by my lifelong obsession with country and Americana music.

I’ll be breaking Red Sunset Dreams down track by track nearer its September 16 release date so watch this space.

In the meantime, Peters is treating us to the first single from the album, its opening track, ‘Switch On The Sky’. For this one he is in illustrious company with One Doves Dot Allison featuring on lead vocals. He has this to say on Allison’s involvement.

“I regard Dot highly as an artist, but it’s her exploration of similar ideas on One Dove’s cover of ‘Jolene’ or BJ Cole playing on ‘Tomorrow Never Comes’ from her first solo album ‘Afterglow’ made me think she would be perfect”. “Our first conversation included the names Gene Clark, Gram Parsons and Emmylou Harris, so it was clear that a collaboration would go well.”

The track opens on Allisons hushed tones picking out the verse lyrics with a percussive reverence. The chorus brings in technicolour flourishes with Allison’s vocal treated to a psychedelic filter. The coda of “Now is the time” is sung like a mantra to the early morning sun.

This is a great introduction to the album and I’m sure this will appear on a great many summer playlists. Check out the video for the song here.

You can pre order the new Mark Peters album Red Sunset Dreams now via the Sonic Cathedral Bandcamp page, Rough Trade or your favourite indie record shop.

Mark has recently put a brand new three-piece live band together and will be playing a series of shows following the release of ‘Red Sunset Dreams’. The following dates have just been announced:

September 16 – Bristol – Rough Trade Bristol

September 17 – London – Rough Trade East

September 18 – Nottingham – Rough Trade Nottingham

You can follow Mark Peters on social media here….

Photos courtesy of Robin Clewley.

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