The Stargazer Lilies – Vibes of Love

My favourite psychedelic gazers are back with a second teaser for their new album Cosmic Tidal Wave. The Stargazer Lilies return to spread the ‘Vibes of Love’. My mind was spinning after hearing the previous single, ‘Bending the Lines’, so I literally had to be scraped off the ceiling to write this.

‘Vibes of Love’ is classic Stargazer Lilies. It harks back to that otherworldly sound they created back on Occabot. It opens with that off-kilter synth sound against Kim Fields’ ethereal vocals. Then we take off to that corner of the galaxy where only they exist.

As always, it’s John Ceps’ guitars that create the mystic mist in which the song exists. It’s hard to comprehend that it’s four people making this mountainous wall of sound. I use that word deliberately. Every time I listen to The Stargazer Lilies their music takes me away to some alien mountain top, in a psychedelic, multi-coloured blizzard. It’s so rare that I’m transported so vividly in my head that I cherish my time listening to this band and I know you will too.

You can check out their self-shot and produced video below. It’s almost like they read my mind.

Head on over to Bandcamp to buy the single ‘Vibes of Love’ now or catch it on your favourite streaming platform.

The album is available to pre-order from The Stargazer Lilies Bandcamp page and Floravinyl Records now.

You can follow The Stargazer Lilies on social media here …

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