WOHN – No Shelter

Ireland is enjoying somewhat of a renaissance in its music scene. Particularly in the alt rock scene. The latest band to come to my attention are WOHN, a Coleraine based outfit featuring John Wisener (Singer. Guitar), Matthew McVicker (Lead Guitar), Dylan Norton (Drums) and Reece Gordon (Bass).

They deal in loud brand of psychedelic, shoegaze-tinged rock that is going down a storm across Ireland. With a loyal following amongst their local scene, WOHN have played across their home country, from the North Coast to Dublin. A fast-growing fan base on their socials, and dedicated gig goers, only reflects their reputation as promising up and comers.

This year the band have released two cracking singles. Back in February they dropped ‘A-OK’. A slow burner of a track that explodes in the chorus into incendiary vocals and ferocious guitars. The neat trick though is that they never lose the melody, rather it’s protected at all costs. The verses echoing a young Idlewild in approach in their intricate guitar parts. All in all, it’s a wonderful track and a great calling card for the band.

Their latest release is called ‘No Shelter’. This track heads in a more post punk direction with its angular guitar attack against almost spoken word vocals in the verses. The chorus simply takes off heavenwards. Soaring guitars lift Wiseners powerful vocal delivery. His emotive screams in the closing section really make you sit up and take notice.

WOHN have created a really cohesive sound that helping cement their reputation as a killer live band. I’m hoping that they head into the studio soon to give us a that very sound on their debut album.  I’ll be here to take you through it track by track once it arrives. Let’s hope its soon.

You can check out all that WOHN are up to using the bands link tree here.

You can follow WOHN on social media here…

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