Keeley – Seeing Everything

Dublin based KEELEY return with a new single ahead of their long-awaited debut album. It was this time last year I was discussing the Brave Warrior EP on these very pages. That was a collection of four songs dedicated to the memory of murdered German tourist Inga-Maria Hauser. Keeley Moss, singer, guitarist and songwriter for the band, has been publishing ‘The Keeley Chronicles’ blog, dedicated to this harrowing and mystifying case for over five years now and it has informed all her songwriting.

This opening salvo from the album continues that narrative. Moss has this to say on the single.

“‘Seeing Everything’ is an immersive journey in every sense. Sonically and lyrically it’s a melancholy maze, a hazy mirage where ghosts of the past are gathered. With its tangled jungle of chiming guitars mirroring the inextricable complexities of Inga’s story, ‘Seeing Everything’ probes the dark heart of this unique and harrowing unsolved case with a visionary zeal.”

Given the dark and upsetting subject matter ‘Seeing Everything’ is anything but. It’s an ebullient and life affirming slice of dreampop. I’m particularly taken by the guitar textures. The chiming lead motif, the fuzzy rhythm, the twelve-string jangle all blur into an atmospheric whirl.

The video is a labour of love production featuring authentic footage from 1988, the year the journey in the song took place. Edited by Moss herself it adds an emotional gut punch which caught me unawares. You can check out the video here.

‘Seeing Everything’ is out now on all the usual streaming outlets including Bandcamp. You can also preorder the album, Floating Above Everything Else, released via Dimple Discs on June 30.

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