Acid Roulette – Depopulation

You just know when an email from the good folks at Dirty Filthy Records drops into your inbox you are about to hear something special. This gem of a label has provided me with some of this years’ highlights with releases from Soden and Par Asito. They are now about to release Depopulation an EP from Acid Roulette. The band, hailing from Austin, Texas, trade in a unique brand of acid psyche rock and like it loud!

The EP opens with the pounding riff centred epic ‘Deathsect’. With lots of nods to Led Zep this track absolutely explodes out the speakers. The groove on this track is absolutely addictive. As openers go, they couldn’t have come out stronger.

After the pace and ferocity of the opener we move into the hypnotic ‘Dividing Slander’. We are through the looking glass now. Centred around a Sabbath like riff and drum pattern this track weaves so much into its run time. Some absolutely stunning lead guitar work acts almost like a second voice. Again, the band hit a groove that keeps you in rapt attention. Love this song!

We take the pace down a notch for the languid and serpentine ‘Lonesect’. Even though we are operating at half the pace the bands playing loses none of its ferocity. Which leads to some interesting pay offs, particularly in the chorus section with its almost tender lead vocal melody playing against the jagged attack of the backing.

The EP concludes with ‘The Truth’. The vocals are at their most potent here. Aryn really does bring the chaos as advertised. What was also notable on this song was the dual, harmonising guitar lines. That really added something different to this track. The deafening finish come all too soon and we close out on a mysterious voice in the static.

Whilst this EP has been available digitally on the bands Bandcamp page for a while now you can pre order a vinyl copy from Dirty Filthy Records from October 2nd.  I would advise you move fast because records of this quality sell out fast.

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