Psychedelic Trips To Death – The Resistor

It only seems like yesterday we were here discussing the last release from our friends at Dirty Filthy Records, the immense Depopulation from Acid Roulette. Yet here we are with another exciting release in the inbox. This time it comes from Greek psych rockers Psychedelic Trips To Death and their sophomore release The Resistor. The boys at the label have described it as “Beautifully relentless tension. From the metronomic palpitations of the opening bars, through the threat of the vocals to the determined bass lines, this record owes as much to the subcutaneous, frenetic and paranoid soundscape of the 1980’s as it does to modern psychedelia. If dystopian literature was a voice, this would be it.” I don’t know about you but that makes me want to dive right in.

And dive in we do with the title track. ‘The Resistor’ swings from pulsing, tension filled verses into a technicolour explosion of textures and sounds. This is a statement of intent from the band. It’s dark, brutal and gargantuan.

That theme carries into the robotic swagger of ‘Headlock’. Guitars flash like strobes as the bass rumbles like thunder beneath the primal scream of singer Konstantinos Iosifidis. Accompanied by a very clever promo video this track encapsulates everything this album is about. The darkness being pierced by flashes of terrifying light.

The tension is turned up to eleven on the next track ‘Sending Flowers To The Ignorant’. Led by an ascending bassline that teases a resolution and release that only comes in the last minute of this sprawling six-minute epic. This is edge of your seat stuff

‘Burn Your Eyes’ maintains the ominous vibes but this time the addition of an eerie synth line brings an extra sinister dimension. This track brought to mind some of Goodbye Mr Mackenzie’s darkest moments but amplified and twisted almost beyond recognition.

We take our foot off the gas for a moment for the intro to ‘For The Sake Of Our Song’. Thig s get all chaotic soon enough and we descend into the murky depths of the song. Thankfully we are saved by an exultant vocal line and sparkly guitar from Panos Anastasiadis.

The closing track is curiously entitled ‘The Crate’. It could very well soundtrack the darkest horror movie such is its emotive feel and scope. At nearly ten minutes in length it encompasses a number of different musical themes and motifs. Because of this and the ever evolving, shape shifting nature of the track your attention is held rapt.

This is an album of epic proportions. Each track is monumental in its own right. Every member of the band knows the part they play in this and they execute it to perfection. Drop the needle on this one at your own peril. For here there be monsters.

The Resistor is available to buy from Dirty Filthy Records on ‘Reign in Blood Transparent Coloured Vinyl.’ Word to the wise, this one is limited to 250 copies and is likely to go fast so I wouldn’t hang about if you want in.

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