The Churchill Garden – Reality

Earlier this year I received one of the most beautifully packaged records I have in my collection, containing music to match the beauty of its sleeve. That record was Heart & Soul by The Churchill Garden. Andi Jossi is the one-man musical machine behind The Churchill Garden, playing all the instruments on the record. He has been recording now for a decade from his home in Switzerland. Whilst he has worked with a few vocalists in those years none have sang on as many of his songs as Krissy Vanderwoude has. Her stunning voice and lyrics grace many of the tracks on Heart & Soul and now on their latest release, ‘Reality’.

Starting off with in an up-tempo groove with the jangliest guitars ever bringing to mind The Primitives. Alongside this is a bass and counter guitar line with a Cocteau Twins vibe. When we hit the chorus the drums double time and it really lifts the song, and the listener, in the most ecstatic way.

If you have listened to any of The Churchill Gardens previous work or indeed Whimsical you will know the calibre of Krissy’s vocal talents. I love how she holds herself back a bit on the verses here and then gives it everything on the choruses. I think this is the nimblest Krissy vocal I’ve heard yet.

Clocking in at just shy of four minutes this is one of The Churchill Gardens shortest tracks. Whilst it may be shorter than usual you certainly aren’t being short changed. Listen how Andy builds that trademark wall of sound, that distinctive blend of guitars that form his unique stamp. Enjoy how Krissy layers her vocals steadily until that final chorus.

In these winter months we all need a pick me up. In ‘Reality’ I think I may have found mine.

‘Reality’ is available digitally from November 13th on The Churchill Garden Bandcamp page.

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