Spotlight Kid – Roller State Disco

It was with great excitement that I opened an email from Nottingham shoegazers, Spotlight Kid, this week. I am so happy to announce that they are back with a new single “Roller State Disco” and really exciting news about a new EP.

The band are releasing their first new music in a year and the first long player since the release of their exceptional third album, Ten Thousand Hours, in 2014. That album was a game changer for me and shepherded me back to the shoegaze scene.

If you are new to the band then imagine a blend of My Bloody Valentine, Lush and Slowdive. You’ll be somewhere close then!

At the beginning of last year, Spotlight Kid took a hiatus following a sold-out return show in their hometown, Nottingham. Since then, the band have been involved in several side projects and are now back writing together. The band have written over a dozen new tracks that will be spilt across two EPs and released on Bandcamp early next year.

The first track to be released from is “Roller State Disco”. The track opens with a quintessentially Spotlight Kid intro. Shimmering guitars with Katty Heaths breathy oohs sounding that almost sampled and looped way. This track is gloriously upbeat and optimistic which given the inspiration for the video makes for a pretty stark contrast. The video is inspired by a short film directed by Alan Clarke (Scum, The Firm, Made in Britain). The unemployed spend their days at the Roller State Disco, circling round and round, before being called up to take low-paid jobs as they become available. They leave the building in a wash of light, leaving the rest confined to a grim, graffiti-strewn state-run roller disco where they have to remain until they find a meaningless job that no-one wants.

This track will make you yearn for the summer to be back again so you too can get out on your roller skates. Although I’m not sure my skating skills are quite up there with Kattys.

“Roller State Disco” is the lead track from a forthcoming EP available to stream on all platforms and available to buy on the Spotlight Kid Bandcamp page from the 4th of December.

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