The Rosie Varela Project – Low

The EEP singer is back with her own solo outing with The Rosie Varela Project. ‘Low’ is the first single from Rosie who says she created this outlet for herself so she could stay productive and sane between her monthly virtual EEP recording sessions. This will also let her record her back catalogue of songs leading to an album in 2022.

The song kicks of with a shimmering wall of guitars supported by pounding drums. Immediately you can tell this is going to be altogether different to her work with EEP.

Dreamy, woozy and overlapping vocal lines keep the listener off balance whilst the crystalline guitars chime over everything like sunlight on a lake. The song climaxes with a sixties style psychedelic jam with Rosie channelling her inner Grace Slick.

‘Low’ will be released February 5th on Rosie’s Bandcamp page. For a sneak peek head over to The Rosie Varela Project Facebook page.

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