The Empty Sleeps ‘PANTHERS’

This last year has been a tough one for all of us, for so many reasons. As we headed into 2021 my hope was for another great year of music to help us all escape the stress and chaos of life today. Music to lift us up and envelope us in its warm embrace.

It was with absolute joy that I received the new EP from Australian gazers The Empty Sleeps who are Nic Datson (formerly of No Through Road / Alpha Beta Fox) and Tristan Hennig (formerly of Little Ice Age / Bye Bye Mountain). After stirring up quite the buzz on the international shoegaze scene with their first release ‘Good Place’, this Adelaide two-piece dreamgaze outfit return with ‘PANTHERS’.

As soon as this song begins you immediately exhale and smile. It feels like a wave of joy just washing over you. It almost feels orchestral in places. The guitar riff loops around and each time another layer is added. A guitar lick here, a vocal line there. All adding up to an exultant, joyous four minutes.

The title track is then remixed by Blush Response, Tim Koch, Lone Kite, Deep Sea Data and Dental Jams/Ezroh. What is really interesting is how each remix retains that jubilant heartbeat that drives and powers the song whilst adding their own unique take.  I would draw the listeners ear to the Blush Response remix in particular. It is just stunning.

What a fantastic way to begin the year. ‘PANTHERS’ is being released on CD, download and a limited edition 10” vinyl available now from The Empty Sleeps Bandcamp page.

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