You, Nothing – Reflectie

Italy is one of the most beautiful countries I have ever visited. There is a fine tradition of world class music emanating from their shores. Continuing that tradition is You, Nothing, an up-and-coming shoegaze/dreampop band based out of Verona. Formed in 2019 the band consists of Gioia Podestà (vocals and guitar); Federico Costanzi (guitar and keyboards); Giulia Cinquetti (bass) and Nicola Poiana (drums and drum machine).

Back in October 2020 the band released their dreamy first single “Waves” and its video which you can check out below.

Their music mainly recalls the shoegaze scene of the early 90s, made up of reverberated and distorted sounds, vocals sometimes ethereal, sometimes punchier with the addition of post-punk rhythms.

Now they are back to release their second single “Reflectie” and a homemade video, edited by the guitarist, filmed and directed by the band. The song is exquisite with Gioia’s voice complementing the chiming guitar and crystalline synth perfectly. The chorus is massive. I can see this playing well in big venues one day. This is a band with ambition and the skill and passion to deliver.

Last summer they recorded their debut album which I can reveal will be called “Lonely // Lovely”. There is no release date set as yet but as soon as I know about it, I’ll be back to give you a track-by-track breakdown.

“Reflectie” is out now via Flippy Dischi and you can access it here.

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