The Stargazer Lilies – Purple Sunshine

Some bands create their own worlds. Caverns of sound where you wander aimlessly for hours in ecstatic joy, happy to be lost in their company. The Stargazer Lilies are that band for me. Their last full-length release Occabot redefined how I view dreampop with its multi-dimensional approach to song writing.

After releasing a recording of their stunning live performance at the Sherman Theatre in the bands home state of Pennsylvania, they return with a new single ‘Purple Sunshine’.

This track continues the heady, psychedelic vibe of tracks like ‘Magenta Sunrise’ and ‘Living Work of Art’. Whilst Jon Cep’s swirling guitars and the phased drums are leading us on this trip, Kim Field is singing the sweetest sixties baroque pop song. It makes me think of bands like The Association and The Turtles. It’s that juxtaposition that lends this track the magic to transport you away.

I can only hope that this is a taste of things to come and a new Stargazer Lilies album isn’t far away.

‘Purple Sunshine’ is available to buy now from Bandcamp. Keep a close eye on the band’s website for news of further releases.

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