Sun Shines Cold – Temporal Solace EP

I’ve a massive love for the sonic soundscapes of post rock. Imagine my joy when fellow Scots, Sun Shines Cold, dropped their latest EP this month.

Edinburgh based Colan Miles and Brian Jordan have been making music together for a long time now. Their musical partnership has nurtured a musical shorthand that’s evident on the ‘Temporal Solace EP’.

The first piece, ‘Finding Solace’, has all the hallmarks of a great post rock track. The elemental swells and falls. The sweeping six string flourishes, ebbing and flowing. The build, build, build to the wall of fuzzed out sonic ecstasy. There’s an icy uneasiness driving throughout this number keeping the listener on edge and awaiting that release the closing segment brings. It brings to mind being swept out to sea from the calm shore to the crashing waves of the ocean. This is music to lose yourself in.

Moving into the second piece the unease is replaced with a sense of endless space. A journey unending. ‘Temporal Shift’ is built upon the interplay between the pulsing bass and reverb-soaked guitars. There’s a restrained beauty on show here, Miles and Jordan giving the song the delicate touch it needs to keep it driving along. Driving? Maybe that should be floating along, as this piece brings to mind the exploration of the heavens.

The ’Temporal Solace’ EP is without doubt the bands most accomplished tracks to date. A quick dip into their Bandcamp page will attest to how high a compliment that is. Sun Shines Cold create music that excites me. It’s music that captures and holds your attention. I’d love to see a long player from these guys someday. What a sonic journey that would be.

Head on over to the Sun Shines Cold Bandcamp page to download and stream the ‘Temporal Solace EP’ now.

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