The Rosie Varela Project – Fault Line

If the name Rosie Varela sounds familiar, you’d be right. Rosie is the primo mover and shaker from Texas based gazers Eep. She’s now launching her debut solo album under the name The Rosie Varela Project. What Remains is up for pre order now over on Bandcamp however we’ll circle back to that in another blog very soon.

Varela has released the single ‘Fault Line’ as a taster of what is on offer. Opening on a simple acoustic guitar and vocal line the song quickly blossoms. Drums beckon in a chiming xylophone and lush complimentary backing vocals.

As the song heads into its final stretch, it explodes into full bloom. Full on psychedelia follows with reverse guitars and Beatle-esque strings like Strawberry Fields Forever.  

These aren’t the sounds we’re used to hearing from Varela but she owns it. The creativity and sonic dexterity on display could only have come from her heart and head. The musicians (and close friends of Varela’s) who play on this track have given us a tease of the magic that’s ahead of us on this album.

I’ll be back with a full breakdown of the album soon (spoiler alert…….it’s amazing). Until then head on over to Bandcamp and get it pre-ordered. While you’re there check out her albums with Eep too.

Here’s the video for the single. Enjoy!

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