Teenage Fanclub – I Left A Light On

Bellshill boys Teenage Fanclub have, arguably, had a tempestuous few years. The departure of songwriting genius and core member Gerry Love, two polarising albums, Norman Blakes marriage coming to an end and all the problems Covid has brought with it, it’s been hard for our boys.

That’s why it was so heartening and uplifting to open my inbox this morning to see the new single ‘I Left A Light On’. Written by Blake during the Endless Arcade mixing session, the band didn’t record it at that time as the album was pretty much finished at that point.

Instead, they returned to the studio to record it recently, and boy I’m glad they did.

Starting like a lost Beatles track on piano the song blossoms gently. It is a very gentle song. You can draw comparisons to the band during their Songs From Northern Britain era. It builds to a warm hug of a ending leaving you wanting more of the same. Thankfully it sounds like this is in plan with Blake being quoted saying “As a band we’ve already started thinking about another new album, this song is the first signpost towards that”.

Grab a brew, sit back and enjoy ‘I Left A Light On’ by Teenage Fanclub.

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